Prioritizing Worship

Sunday, September 11, 2022
Discussion Questions

Following last Sunday's message, we held our small group discussion on Sunday night at 6pm. We generally use Sunday nights to debrief and discuss what we have learned on that particular Sunday.

As a guide to help our discussion, we often have questions outlined and ready to go.  Here are the questions from this past Sunday:

  1.   What is one thing that stood out to you today (message, Sunday School, fellowship, etc.)?
  2.   How did Ezra and Nehemiah focus on God in times of opposition?  How did worship help?
  3.   When you find yourself facing an obstacle, how do you handle the stress?  What role does worship play in that process?
  4.   Why should we put God first?
  5.   Have you ever had to say no to something you really wanted because you had to put God first?  What was that experience like?  How did it go for you?
  6.   How can we pray for you?

We invite you to answer these questions, too.  We also invite you to join us at 6pm on Sundays as we discuss all the events of the day and how to put what we learned into practical application throughout the week!

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